Cirque Du Soleil – Visceral Art

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QuidamThis past wednesday I went to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Quidam at the DCU center in Worcester, MA. Having seen Varekai at Revere in Boston, MA a few years ago, I knew I was in for a treat, and indeed, it was a breathtaking experience.  I was a little farther away  from the stage this time around, which made distinguishing facial expressions a little more challenging, but on the other hand, the balcony I was sitting in let me see the entire stage and all the simultaneous acrobatic explosions that rotated on stage throughout the performance.  If you have never been to a Cirque show before,  expect music, mystery, ambience, whimsical clowns, acrobats, contortionists, modern ballet, colorful costumes, and an overall feeling of enchantment. I was in awe of the dramatic stage effects and the compelling themes that set the tone of the show.  It was quite the visceral art experience.  Quidam will be performing at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA until  tomorrow, December 18th/ @ 7:30pm.  So if you haven’t gone already, get those tickets now!  Expect to be amazed and humored.  🙂

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea – I’ve Swallowed Worse

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Nicholas Earl Davis & Dorian Gatej - I've Swallowed Worse

Do you need a last minute Holiday gift idea? How about some music from one of Worcester’s finest slam poets?!  It’s edgy, it’s visceral, it will drive the neighbors mad and make the earth shake.  Give it a listen and see for yourself.  Nicholas Earl Davis & Dorian Gatej – I’ve Swallowed Worse can be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon,, and several other digital distributors.  If you would like a copy of the actual album you can contact our studio at or order one from

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Where to find new music.

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Good Ole Radio
So in this fast-paced, constantly moving, ever changing world it’s difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest music, especially when there’s a new band popping up every second that goes by. However, I feel that it’s worth making the effort to find these bands, after all they are relying on your love and money to thrive and keep being the beautiful vehicle for your motivation and passion.

Thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who helps expose me to new bands, and one place he suggested was Spin Magazine’s website. Each month Spin puts out an ITunes playlist that you can download for free! You can even go back and download the previous month’s list if you missed it. Here’s a direct link to one of the free playlists:

Other places I go looking for music is:
Last Fm
All Music
and of course iTunes, which is great, but I find that they don’t sell every album released by each of the bands. However, they are great in terms of auto recommending you bands you might like based on your searches. AllMusic is great for giving you a bio for practically every little band out there.

So let me know what sites you go to, or just where you go in general to find new music.

Thanks guys,

Up and coming: Nick Davis

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Hello guys and gals,

Dorian here to bring you the latest update at Vemplore Studios. I have currently finished music production on slam poet Nick Davis’ new album which is slated for release late Spring/early Summer (album title pending). I am now in the middle of final mix stage then entering post production.
Nick’s words of wisdom and mishaps will tear your ear off. The music is edgy with a hint of glimmer and a lot of character: the way it should represent Nick Davis’ epic poetry. Don’t believe me? I will be posting clips from the album once the album is out. Your comments will be more than appreciated. Please stay tuned for further updates at Vemplore Studios. Thanks!!!

Dorian Gatej (engineer/producer).

Free Comic Book Day at That’s Entertainment!

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Today is International Free Comic Book Day! I will be at That’s Entertainment, helping folks like you pick out up to five free comics from a wide selection. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce kids to fun and inspiring reading. There will be artists sketching on site, special discounts, including buy two get one free used trade paperback comics, and three for $5 DVDs! it’s gorgeous out, so don’t miss out on the action. Plus, I miss you all, and since it will be busy, your visit will keep my smiling. 🙂 -Sorana, comic shop girl!

Free Comic Book Day

Currently in the studio…

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We  are currently recording a new band in the studio.  Their former name was Ramora, but they will be taking on a new name soon,  until then I will call them the Nameless Ones.  The band’s style is indie/alternative, influenced by band’s such as Dinosaur Jr. and Weezer.

Speaking of Weezer, they will be performing at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, December 14 and 15 this year, which will be part of the Memories Tour (formally Blinkerton Tour), which began in LA on Nov. 26 & 27.  On the first night they will be playing songs from Blue, and the second night, songs from Pinkerton.  For more info go to


Hi there!

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Hi there, this is Sorana and Dorian Gatej from Vemplore Studios.  We are starting this blog to keep you up to date on our studio’s productions of course, but also to help promote artists and musicians in our community.  Really, what we want to do is mention anything we think is noteworthy, hoping that it will enlighten and bring people closer together.  If you hate to be enlightened, and can’t stand the site of people, well that’s ok too.  We’ll try and cater to the bitter and jaded folks as well.  Also, if you’d like to post announcements, events, or just comments on our blog, by all means, please do.  All we ask is that you keep the language family friendly. Thank you, and enjoy!